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? >> no. (laughter) >> dave: you know the affordable care web site, obama said they've had some glitches. the web site he's said they've had some glitches. they've had some glitches on the obamacare -- (laughter) i tell you something, ladies and gentlemen, you order a pair of pants online from jay crew and they send you the wrong color, that's a glitch! that's a glitch! this is a carnival cruise for god's sake! republicans claim they could be exposing america's private information. yeah, we have no private information anymore, do we? everybody knows what the hell we're doing. it's a carnival cruise, ladies and gentlemen, it's not a glitch today obama was in so much trouble he called hillary clinton and he said "could you start early?" (laughter) crazy. a lot of problems with that web site. have you tried to dial up the web site? >> no, not yet. >> dave: it's impossible. (laughter) it's impossible. the president every week has a radio or t.v. address to the american people. here's what it was this weekend. i'm telling you, this is not the kind of message sending out to people if you're tr
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1